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Me At Work, Chicago IL 1996
"Since 1990"
By Denis Warren
Home Page/About Us
Seems like yesterday when Dad encouraged me to set up a darkroom in the basement of our home
in Wisconsin.  If you are a Floridian you may not know exactly what a "basement" is. Suffice it to say
that, with the furnace down there, it was dry and comfy, but a bit lonely 'souping' all that film and
prints for anyone that would hire me. Believe me, in those days I did a lot for free.  I was 14 years old.

At age 17, I obtained a part time job nights and weekends at a studio in downtown Milwaukee, WI.  
Fortunately we had several major advertising agencies as clients so it was good training and my
employer was a good teacher. Since then it has truly been a wild ride featuring many  memorable
experiences with a long history of successes and a few failures along the way.  Yet, not unlike most
photographers, I'd do it all over again!

Later on I started traveling, working with many corporate clients, small businesses, magazine and
book publishers, plus hundreds of actors and models in the 'booming' entertainment business in
Orlando.  And yes, I photographed scores of weddings, mitzvahs, trade show exhibits and special
events. Entertainment was my specialty yet I really enjoyed my weekend brides from literally all over
the world.  My venues were Central Florida locations including Disney, Sea World, Cypress Gardens
(now Lego Land), Leu Gardens, Kraft Gardens, local churches and the beaches. Eleven years ago I
learned graphic design and photo retouching and I  use my skills to help businesses with their media
and advertising campaigns and models and entertainers to present themselves at their very best.

Photography and all it's related services is a true 'people' business. Time to leave egos at home,
this business is demanding and requires more than just a bit of technical skill.  I am listing my
credentials because photography can be a very personal experience.  If you decide to hire AllStar
Photographics for your next project,
event or wedding, or have us design  your next poster, banner
or brochure ...I want you to feel confident that you made the
right choice.

With this in mind I look forward to talking with you to discuss your next project or event.  

Thanks for your attention and I hope you enjoy our  website!  

Denis Warren, President
AllStar Photographics

Ofc:  407.415.6560  (24 Hr Message Line)

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All photos by Denis Warren except where noted. Copyright 2010-2017 AllStar Photographics By Denis Warren  All Rights Reserved
No copy or photographs may be reproduced without the written permission of the photographer.
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Denis Warren Shooting A Railroad
Brochure For DECO Industries
Chicago, IL
This beautiful Lady was dedicated in New York on October 28, 1886. A gift from France, it was shipped
as 350 pieces in 214 crates.  At 306' 8" from foundation to torch, she stands proudly as a shining icon
to remind us of the freedom and liberties we enjoy each day and should never be taken for granted.
Photo by Denis Warren, Copyright 2017 Denis Warren Photography. All Rights Reserved.
My late brother David called me from Milwaukee
almost every weekend for years. My never
ending inspiration,  he never allowed me to give
up my dream as a photographer.
Taken in Las Vegas after I won $2700 that day
playing Roulette for the first time. I haven't
won anything since! That's me on the right.

Taken by the Caesars Camera Girl
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV
We never share your information with anyone. We promise.
"Why do we live In Florida? Maybe because we love it so...!!"  
- Denis Warren, photographer, Orlando, FL USA
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