Printing has always been an awesome affair of plates, ink and paper. Today hi-quality
inkjet printers are used when possible. However you can only get quality 'out' if you
put quality 'in'.  At AllStar Photographics we provide the computer design skills for
those all important pre-press digital files needed for high quality printing, silk
screening or the newly developed waterless digital printing using eco-friendly papers
and inks.  

The design, conversion, skill and tweaking of these digital files must be done right,
and that's where we come into the picture. At AllStar Photographics we can help you
with photography, design concepts, computer graphics and the pre-press digital files
to get the job done right the first time, on time and within your budget. Of course
'you're the boss' from start to finish as you sign off at each level of completion.  We
offer free online proofs or low cost paper proofs.
Fair enough?

The newer computer graphics programs make all this possible.  Photoshop,
Lightroom and Corel have been around for a while now, but the software just keeps
getting better and better. A far cry from the manual airbrushing, paper images and
photo stats we used years ago!

Retouching & Photo Restoration
There may be times when you need a graphic artist for those demanding
assignments.  Retouching human faces without that 'overly retouched' look.  Body
sculpting of models. Product images that 'POP'! Taking out or adding objects or other
people in the picture. Cutting out or replacing the background. Enhancing color,
changing colors, converting to black and white, adding accent colors or backgrounds,
digitally opening those 'blinking eyeballs'.  Providing photo restoration of those
priceless old or damaged photographs. We can restore the photo for you digitally and
send you the restored hi-resolution digital file so you can have it re-printed.

For years we have specialized in retouching models and entertainers, both male and
female.  Anyone in the public spotlight needing that 'special touch' for their
promotional or publicity photos.  Maybe you put on a 'few pounds' lately and need a
little 'digital surgery'.  We're here to help. Just send your digital files, tell us what you
want done and we'll send you a free retouched proof back via email. Includes color
correction, density check, removal of scars, blemishes, tattoos, smoothing under
eyes, teeth whitening  and yes, some 'digital surgery' if needed!  
Free quotes. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Routine Retouching Services For Our Clients
- Create cut-outs, masking, clipping path
- Create transparent background, drop-in new background
- Removing dust spots, scratches and abrasions
- Color correction, black and white conversions
- Lighten shadows, add drop shadows and bevels
- Face and body retouching incl blemishes, scars & tattoos
- Fashion & beauty image retouching
- Product image retouching, remove blemishes & reflections
- Building & landscape retouching
- Portrait image retouching, add creative borders
- Restoration and repair of old images
- Add backgrounds, borders or frames
- Vector conversion

Adding Custom Borders & Backgrounds
We can enhance any photo by adding creative borders to give your photo
that 'artistic flair'.  We can also add your name, bio, website, social sites, credits
or anything else that may be of interest to your viewers. Models, actors and
entertainers will especially find this helpful to promote their careers.
We offer a wide variety of custom borders and backgrounds.

Retouching Example: Opening Eyes
We see digital retouching constantly in photos, magazines and
advertisements.  This wedding couple loved their 'cuddly' pose
but the groom had his eyes closed. Bummer!
In the hands of our experienced retouch artist, problem solved.

Trying to find that 'special' font?  May we suggest you go to and search for your favorite font.

Professional Quality Scans
Cost: $5 - $15 ea  depending on the original size and level of difficulty.  We only use
professional quality Epson and Sony scanners.
We scan prints, 35mm, 2 1/4, 4x5 and 8x10 film and transparencies to produce
hi-res digital files on either thumb drives, DVDs or Dropbox.

For a cost estimate please
email us with the original sizes, format, quantity and other
details. Be sure to send your originals insured with signature required.

Web Design
AllStar also provides web site design and merchant design services with or without a
shopping cart for small-to-medium-size businesses.  Please refer to our
Web Design
page for more information.
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Before Retouching:
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