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The use of lens shades reduce glare and improve contrast and color saturation in your
photos- especially outdoors where light is coming from most every direction.  Many
lens shades are 'cut out' on each side to prevent vignetting of zooms set at wide angle.
Lens shades are especially important when using filters such as UV and Skylight.

#38 Use Of Filters
Pros use filters for light wave filtering and lens protection. Filters can improve color
and polarizing filters can reduce glare and reflections.  Good choices include Tiffen and
Hoya brands which have non-reflective coatings for better light and color transmission.
Why put a $5 generic  filter on a $300 lens?  Your local camera store usually has a
variety of filter types and sizes so why not check them out?

Red eye is caused by the light from the camera flash entering the iris of your subject and
bouncing off the rear blood vessels inside the eye.  The iris is enlarged in a darkened The
red eye is caused because your flash is too close to the lens axis.  Solution? Use a flash
bracket or be creative and get the flash unit a bit  further from the lens. If your camera has
a built-in flash have your model look away slightly, not directly at the lens and flash.  Most
retouching programs have the option of removing red eye from the image but it can be
time-consuming, especially if you have a bunch of photos to retouch.
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