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Industrial Brochure
"Serving Central Florida Since 1990"
By Denis Warren
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"Serving Central Florida Since 1990"
(407) 415-6560
By Denis Warren
Here are a few samples of my work from past years.   Finding some of these tear sheets was not
easy yet they may serve as examples of some jobs I have done and the people I have worked with.
I hope you will find the accompanying comments interesting, if not too boring.
Thanks, Denis Warren
Parts Catalog
Shooting small parts for catalogs is more
difficult than you may think... bringing out
the detail and textures and dealing with
reflections.  My macro lens did a good job
for this catalog shoot for Daniels Mfg Co,
Orlando, Florida
Lou Rawls and Melba Moore
Possibly the only photo taken of Lou Rawls
and Tony award winner Melba Moore taken
together. Mr Rawls was a family friend and
a total class act.  I got to spend a little
time with Ms. Moore in the Green Room
meditating with her before her high energy
show that night at Red Mill, Milwaukee, WI
Rat Pack - Nightclub & Bar Magazine
Rat Pack's was an outstanding
nite club featuring swing music in
downtown Orlando.  The police
had to close down two lanes of
Orange Avenue so I could get this
'gangsta' photo for Nightclub &
Bar magazine.
Movie Still - Trouble In Time
I originally moved to Orlando to
shoot for the new 'Hollywood East'.
Shooting stills for Super Boy,
Super Force and Swamp Thing
was kewl as was shooting this
poster for the movie pilot titled
'Trouble In Time'.
Bernie Lee
No doubt many people remember
Bernie Lee as he hoisted his bass
fiddle from table to table while his
female audience swooned to his
music. I kept his autograph on this
8x10 I shot. I like Bernie alot.
Shooting food can be a little tricky... it has
to look tasty and inviting. Hope this shot has
you licking your chops for Leg Of Lamb
with mint jelly and a bottle of fine wine.
Pyruvate Brochure
You won't find this six pack in
the fridge. The choice of
models can make or break an
advertisement,  This guy had
what it takes for this
Philips Phile - Radio 104.1
Jim Philips worked for Clear Channel radio.
A straight up guy but was known to have
little patience.  He gave me less than ten
minutes and he was gone. But I got the shot.
The others were added later in Photoshop.
DECO - Brochure Cover
DECO Industries made railroad
parts and retarders for railroad
yards. This shot was taken in their
factory but when I worked in the
RR yards I had to wear ear plugs
or the screeching of the brakes
could damage my ear drums.
Steak Filet
Many fancy restaurants use huge plates which
makes the food portions look smaller. Their logic by
doing this? This tender juicy filet deserved center
stage and got it.  
Rena Mera aka Sable WWE
I was in Ft Lauderdale when I got
the call from WOW Magazine. Had
to shoot Rena Mera the next day  
(commonly known as Sable in the
world of WWE wrestling). I shot
enough content for three issues
on a blistering hot day in Florida.
Got heat stroke but I met my
Scott is a true character
and his promo pieces for his
real estate business became
'Here's looking at you kid'.
A fun guy with great ideas.
Rented a crane to get our camera position above the 7 acre Gibson Truck World in
Sanford, FL.  Problem was an extreme wide angle lens gave too much optical distortion.
Solution?  Shoot a panorama in three sections and let the computer stitch the sections
together seamlessly.  Owner Yves Belanger was very happy with the resulting photo for
his new website and brochure.  
Aerial - Gibson Truck World
All photos by Denis Warren  Copyright 2010-2019.  AllStar Photographics By Denis Warren.  All Rights Reserved.
No copy or photographs may be reproduced without the written permission of the photographer.
Sometimes assignments
can be extremely interesting
and educational.  This
brochure for an eye laser
surgery center was one of
those assignments.
Dan Meisner as John Belushi
These are the
head shots of Dan
Meisner and Michael
Andrew, two of my
favorite character
actors.  Both started
their careers at
Universal Studios.
Parts Catalog
Michael Andrew On Stage
"Let No Man or Woman Ever Forget"

Photo taken approx 2 months before the
disaster while on assignment for WWF
at Madison Square Garden NYC
Photo by Denis Warren
(C) 2001 All Rights Reserved
Michael Andrew Character Composite