Green Certified
Our printing paper is SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified. The waterless print
technology is easy on the environment. It not only saves water, it reduces air pollution,
conserves trees and decreases waste. A good thing, would you agree?

Full Color Or B&W Printing
- Photo Business Cards
- Post Cards & Rack Cards
- Model, Actor & Entertainer Promo
- Posters & Vinyl Banners
- Brochures & Sales Sheets
- Booklets & Catalogs
- Presentation Folders
- Nite Club & Restaurant Promo
- Menus & Table Top Cards
- Enlargements & Canvas Prints
- Car Magnets & Vehicle Wraps
- Labels, Stickers & Event Tickets
- Spiral & Wall Calendars
- Your Design or We Will Design It For You
- Free Online Proofs

Full Color or B&W Photo Business Cards
Tired of cookie-cutter business cards? Ever look at your stack of business cards only to
wonder who's who? Don't let your prospects forget you! Customize your cards with a
personal photo with cards by AllStar. Your business card will remind customers who you
are, not just what you do. No more plumber's wrenches or dental smiles. We put your
personal photo and information on your card. One-sided and 2-sided styles available.
Choose 14 pt hi-gloss or matte card stock.

Special! Buy 250 Photo Business Cards and get 250 FREE! Only $45.00
Fast Shipping. Includes FREE Online Proof

8x10" or 8.5x11"  Headshots & Entertainer Promo
- Impress your Fans, Talent Agents & Casting Directors  
- Perfect For Actors, Models & Entertainers
- 80# Gloss or Thicker 15pt Hi-Gloss or Matte Cardstock
- Printed 1-Side Only Or Optional 2-Sides Front & Back
- Full Color Or B&W - Same Price
- Add Credits, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Etc
- Graphic Design Available
- Font Choices/Free Online Proof
- 'Hollywood-style' White Borders Available

Qty 50 8x10 80# Gloss Cover Printed 1-Side  $47.50 ($.99 Ea)   (CODE PK)
Qty 100 8x10 80# Gloss Cover Printed 1-Side  $89.00 ($.89 Ea)   (CODE PK)
Qty 50 8.5x11 15pt Cardstock Hi-Gloss or Matte $49.50 ($.99 Ea) Printed 1-Side (OP)
Qty 100 8.5x11 15pt Cardstock Hi-Gloss or Matte $89.00 ($.89 Ea) Printed 1-Side (OP)
Qty 100 8.5x11 15pt Cardstock Hi-Gloss or Matte $105.00 ($1.05 Ea) Printed 2-Sides (OP)

NEW! 5x7 Promo
5x7's make great Company & Entertainer Promo. More economical than 8x10's,
they fit that niche between 4x6 handouts and 8x10's.

- 15pt Thicker Cardstock Hi-Gloss
- Printed 1-Side Only Or Optional Front & Back
- Add Credits, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Etc
- Qty 50 - 50,000 Or More
- Graphic Design Available
- Ships In 2-3 Days/Free Online Proof

Qty 50 5x7 15pt Cardstock Hi-Gloss or Matte $25.00 Printed 1-Side  (CODE OP)
Qty 100 5x7 15pt Cardstock Hi-Gloss or Matte $39.50 Printed 1-Side  (CODE OP)
Qty 100 5x7 15pt Cardstock Hi-Gloss or Matte $58.90 Printed 2-Sides  (CODE OP)

Actor & Model Composite Cards Standard Size 5.5x8.5"
Actor & Model Comp Cards are your "oversize'  calling card".  
The front of the card shows the model's primary photo with name and stats.
The back has 2-4 additional photos featuring the actor or model in a variety of poses,
settings and outfits. Model Composites include a variety of information about you
including photos, model statistics, agency logo, social sites, contact info and credits.

- Thicker 80# Cardstock Hi-Gloss Or Optional Elegant Matte**
- Finished Size Is Industry Standard 5.5x8.5"
- Optional Expert Photo Retouching Upon Request
- Printed Both Sides In Color Or Black & White - Same Price
- Graphic Design Available/Free Online Proof
- Ships in 3-4 Days/Overnight Shipping Available

50 Ea- 5.5x8.5" Comp Cards 80# Gloss Cardstock Printed 2-Sides $65.00 ($1.30 Ea)   
100 Ea- 5.5x8.5" Comp Cards 80# Gloss Cardstock Printed 2-Sides $115.00 ($1.15 Ea)
**For Elegant Matte Add $10.00

Don't settle for online competitors' 10pt or 12pt cardstock.
Our comp cards are printed on thicker 80# gloss cardstock.  

Post Cards & Handouts
Impress your clients with our Postcards and Rack Cards, now printed on heavier 15pt hi-
gloss cardstock!.  Our postcards and rack cards will help you provide even more
information about your brand, products or services.

- Great For Handouts, EXPOS, Mailings & Promotions
- Printed On Thicker 110#  Cardstock - Ultra Gloss
- Standard Sizes 4x6" & 5x7" & 6x9"
- Graphic Design Available/Free Online Proofs
- Printed Front Side Only - Optional 2-Sided Printing
- Add Your Website, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
- Eco-Friendly Paper & Inks
- Ships In 2-3 Business Days

Qty 100 4x6" Post Cards 110# Cardstock Gloss 1-Side $39.00 ($.39 Ea)   (CODE PK)
100 5x7" Post Cards 110# Cardstock Gloss 1-Side $79.00 ($.79 Ea)  (CODE PK)

Special! Buy 250 GET 250 FREE 4x6" 110# Cardstock Gloss 1-Side $95.00 ($.19 Ea)

4x9" Rack Cards
What is a Rack Card? A 4x9" advertising piece commonly found in brochure displays at
highway rest stops, attractions and hotel lobbies. Can also be used as economical

Buy 500 Get 500 FREE 4x9" Rack Cards 110# Cardstock Gloss $149.90 ($.15 Ea)  (CODE PK)

Small & Large Posters
Please click on the  'Posters & Banners'  tab to the left on this page.

Vinyl Banners w/Grommets
Please click on the  'Posters & Banners'  tab to the left on this page.

Custom Notepads
Create custom notepads with your phone#, logo, FB, Twitter, website and photos.
Perfect for customer giveaways, business notes or reminder lists.

-  Each Pad Features 50 Sheets Of 70# Super-Bright Matte Paper
- Glue-top Binding, Hard Cardboard Backing
- Eco-Friendly Color Or B&W - Same Price
- Sizes: 4.25x5.5", 4x9", 5.5x8.5" & 8.5x11"
- Graphic Design Available/Free Online Proof
- Order 10-10,000 Notepads Per Order
- Ships In 3-4 Days Guaranteed
- Call For Quantities & Prices

Full Color Vehicle Magnets
Advertise your business while waiting in traffic!
Our  thicker  30 mil door magnets are the best you can buy.
Don't be fooled by lightweight internet bargains.

- Durable 30 mil Vehicle Magnets For Outdoor Use
- Removable, Protects Your Paint, Will Not Leave Marks
- Advertise Your Business & Logo On The Road
- Vehicle Magnets Sizes 8.5x11", 11x17"" Or 12x24"
- Graphic Design Available/Free Online Proof

Vehicle Magnets Size 11x17   2 For $59.00
Vehicle Magnets Size 12x24   2 For $78.00

Business Card Magnets
Great for Real Estate Agents, Doctors, Lawyers, Nite Clubs, Restaurants,
Take-Out... & more! Customers will keep your phone numbers handy on the fridge.

- 17pt Hi-Gloss Magnetic Stock
- Your Logo & Design Or We Will Design For You
- Sizes Available 2x3.5", 3x4", 3.5x3.5" Or 4x6"
- Shipped in 3-5 Days.

SPECIAL! Buy 200-2x3.5" Get 200 FREE! Cost: $85.00

8.5x11 Brochures, Sales Sheets & Flyers
Great For Tourist Attractions, Resorts, New Products, Sales Sheets & Hand-Outs.
One of the most powerful marketing and branding tools a business can create is a
brochure. Effective, versatile and relatively inexpensive promotional collateral. We
print full color brochures on premium 100# gloss book stock from trees grown in
environmentally sustainable forests. They’re guaranteed to make an impression.

- 100# Super White Gloss Book
- 70# Elegant Matte Available At Extra Cost
- Eco-Friendly Paper & Inks
- Printed 1-Side Or Front & Back
- Tri-Fold, Or Z-Fold - Same Price
- Sales Sheets & Flyers Are Flat - No Fold
- Photography & Graphic Design Available
- Free Online Proof/Ships In 4-5 Days
- Optional 2-Day Turnaround
- Call For Special Qty Pricing

Sales Sheet (Flat - No Fold) For Products, Price Sheets, Spec Sheets, etc.  
Brochure (Tri-fold) - Folded three times for the popular tri-fold brochure.
Brochure (Z-Fold) - The Z-fold may be preferred for some applications.

Qty 1,000 8.5x11" Sales Sheets - Flat Printed 1-Side $ 224.50 ($.22 Ea)  (CODE OP)
Qty 2,500 8.5x11" Sales Sheets - Flat Printed 1-Side  $308.40 ($.12 Ea)  (CODE OP)
Qty 1,000 8.5x11" Brochures 100# Gloss Folded $306.30 ($.30 Ea)  (CODE OP)
Qty 2,500 8.5x11" Brochures 100# Gloss Folded $416.00 ($.16 Ea)  (CODE OP)
Now Offering Qty 500 - 100,000 Sales Sheets Or Brochures.

Presentation Folders w/Pockets
Great for company reports, proposals and sales presentations! Offset printed
9x12" Presentation Folders with dual 4" pockets & die cut business card slots.
Choose from satin matte or UV gloss coating.  

- Add Custom Copy & Multiple Photos
- 14 Pt UV Gloss Cardstock Printed 1-Side
- Optional Elegant Satin Matte Finish
- Graphic Design Available/Free Online Proof
- Ships In 3-4 Business Days

Special! 250 9x12" Presentation Folders $795.00  (CODE OP)

Dine-in, take-out or pocket menus. Whatever works best for you!

- Many Sizes and Styles Available
- Flat, Half-Fold, Z-Fold or Tri-Fold
- Optional 3 mil Gloss Or Matte Lamination
- Order Any Quantity Between 25 - Up
- Table Tent Cards & Menus Also Available
- Photography & Graphic Design Available
- Free Online Proof/Ships In 5-7 Days
- Call For A Custom Quote

Table Tent Cards
Nite Clubs, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants & Venues use Table Tent Cards as a visible means
to announce specialty drinks, appetizers, specials and upcoming events. Also great as
desk top calendars.

- Glossy, Matte or 14pt Hi-Gloss UV Cardstock
- Die-Cut Interlocking Slits For Easy Setup
- 4.25 x 6" Vertical Or 5x7 Horizontal
- Photography & Graphic Design Available
- Free Online Proof/Ships In 4-6 Business Days
- Call For A Custom Quote

Wall & Desk Calendars
Wall and desk calenders are a great way to keep your brand visible month after month.

- Sizes available up to 9x12  
- Use custom photos or your existing photos
- Keeps promoting for the entire year
- Staple set or spiral bound
- Gloss or matte paper
- Call for a custom quote

A Word About Digital Files
Your digital files are like your 'original negatives' and should be treated special with
care. Continuously 'saving' and 'saving as' .jpegs in a program such as Photoshop can
be  very destructive due to the fact each 'save' loses information - that's why we call
these files 'compressed'. Great for saving space on your computer but bad for
resolution as the images acquires the 'jaggies' over time. Save your originals as .TIFF,
.PNG or .PSD  files which are 'lossless' with no loss of image quality due to compression.

Graphic Design Services & Guidelines
Actors, models and entertainers that have ordered from AllStar know that we try to keep
our graphic design prices under control.  Many graphic artists charge up to $75.00/hr -
but how can they prove their actual time? At AllStar we provide you with a design quote
based on the estimated time and the complexity of the project - and we stick to it! . Many
of you that have seen or purchased our promo, printing and banners know that our
printed products are of high quality at a very reasonable price . If you use your own
graphic designer - no problem! Just send us your digital files with a resolution of 300
dpi as a RGB .jpeg  -  the industry standard. Be sure to leave a bleed of 1/8" all around
for trimming.  AllStar will provide you with a FREE ONLINE PROOF for your approval.

Sample Font Choices
Please refer to our Graphic Design page for a list of popular fonts. We also have
hundreds of fonts available in our Art Dept. If you prefer to find that 'special font'  
go to
1001 Free Fonts  and find your font among the hundreds of free font listings.

Scam Alert!
Some internet printers offers '250 FREE' business cards, or 'FREE flyers', etc only to find
out they charge up to $20.00 - $30.00 for 'shipping and handling' plus an overcharge for
design services.  Obviously that's how they make their money, shipping out hundreds of
orders per day at a 'profit' of $20.00 - $30.00 on each order. Hardly "FREE" if you ask us!

Shipping & Handling
Most items are shipped economy USPS Mail or UPS Ground.
Additional cost for Overnight or UPS 2nd Day shipping.
We email you a confirmation and tracking # with each order.

Words To The Wise...
WARNING! Be careful when ordering from people you don't know and trust.  
Once someone has your images you need to feel comfortable that your valuable images
are not  being maliciously uploaded to the internet here or in some foreign country.

IMPORTANT ALERT: Models & Entertainers!
Make sure you get a CD or DVD of ALL OF YOUR IMAGES from your photogtrapher in
hi-res, not the worthless low-resolution 72dpi internet variety we receive time and
again. If you paid for the photo shoot you deserve to get ALL your images in hi-res.
Check the image numbers on the CD- are they all there or are some of the numbers
'missing'?  We tell models not to leave the studio or pay for your photo shoot unless you
have your raw images on a CD or DVD when you walk out the door. Better to be safe
than sorry later on!  

If you have a question about a model release or contract feel free to call your attorney
or an experienced photographer for advice. MAKE A PHOTOCOPY OF EVERYTHING YOU
SIGN.  Manage your career, don't let strangers manage or ruin your career for you.

AllStar Photographics has been providing promotional materials and graphics services
to literally hundreds of models, actors & feature entertainers since 1990.  
Hopefully we have learned a thing or two along the way!  Feel free to contact us anytime.

Your Design: E-Mailing Digital Files For Printing
If you have a graphic artist designing your promo please provide a 300 dpi .jpeg color
corrected digital file in RGB format. Or you may send us a DVD with your .psd files.
All files must have a 1/8" bleed on all 4 sides for trimming. For example submit an 8x10
as 8.25x10.25". Copy should be at least 1/4" from the edge. We will check the file and
send you a FREE ONLINE PROOF for your approval before printing.

Photography Services
At AllStar Photographics we started our business offering photographic and
graphic design services.  Even if we are out of your geographical area it might
surprise you how economical a combination photography, design, plus printing
quote may actually cost you.  We also have other recommended photographers
available in other parts of the USA to serve you for promotional, commercial and
industrial applications.   
By Denis Warren
AllStar Print Shop
A  Copyright 2009-2016 AllStar Photographics By Denis Warren.  All Rights Reserved
No copy or photographs may be reproduced without the written permission of AllStar
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