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Video Production

Remember 'back 'in the day' when 'movie cameras' and sound synch recorders
were heavy and cumbersome, and film editing was a nightmare.  Plus you could not review
your 'dailies' until the
next day. Bummer! Then digital video came along and everything
changed for the better.  But not right away. We film people had to re-learn
what we thought we already knew. And yes, it was all worth it.

Whether you are planning a corporate or training video, convention video, t.v. commercial
or product video, call in our crew to help you with your concept, script and ultimately
the video production, camera work, lighting and post production editing.  

Some Of The Video Services We Offer:

Corporate & Training Videos
Sometimes a Corporate Image video is just what the doctor ordered to define or revive
Corporate Identity and explain to your customers exactly what you offer or manufacture,
your history, experience, business practices and so on.  A video can engage an audience of
one or an audience of hundreds of guests, take the place of multiple guest speakers,
enhance a multi-visual presentation or launch a new product.  Training videos save valuable
training time and allows the trainees to absorb the same information at a more specific
and deliberate pace, with everyone having visual and audio access to the same information.
Videos can also be used for personnel orientation and safety standards to help satisfy
OSHA requirements, and aid in new product education and development.  Of course, today
most  videos are provided on DVD discs for economy and portability.     

Wedding and Event Video Production
Weddings and events are of a more 'candid' nature. Reality at its best!  Although
rehearsals are not uncommon, most of the time the videographer should be prepared
for the unexpected.  If you are planning a wedding or event we have full day and half-day
packages available with or without video editing included. Please call and give us
some details and we will be happy to give you a price quote in writing. Our package prices
may include photography, albums and videography. Package pricing saves you money.

It may require several 'brain pick' meetings to get your project off the ground and ready for
production. We will discuss location, lighting, talent and that all important script.  Will we
be using cue cards or a teleprompter? Talent on hand or professional actors? Inside or
outside location or both?  Length of the video? Video format? You get the idea...

Video Taping and Production
No that we have finalized our script and planned our scenes, it's literally  time for 'lights,
camera... action!'  Since we are using video tape or digital hard drives we have the ability to
review the scenes immediately on a video monitor for your approval.  So put on your
Spielberg hat, get your director's chair and, as the English say, 'let's have a go at it!'

Video Editing
Now that the digital footage is 'in the can' it's time to put all these digital 'pieces' together
by way of video editing.  An experienced video editor will assemble these multi elements of
video, audio, cuts, wipes, music, sound effects graphics and timing. You the customer will
have to approve each finished step so bring your coffee thermos. This is where the real
action is, this is where the pudding is made. And the 'flavor' of the pudding as well!

Video and Film Duplication
We work with film and video duplicating companies that do the job right the first time.  
Need  5 copies? 5,000 copies?  Custom printed video boxes or sleeves? Give us a call and
we'll get you a quote.  Our
graphics department can design your DVD case as well.
Video Transfers
From one format to another, the most common is to take a VHS tape and transfer it to DVD.
Of course other transfer formats are also available including 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film
to DVD.  We can even add your favorite background music or your personal voice-overs!

Digital DVD's
Your multi media event is put on a digital DVD or flash drive whereby you can view your video
on your computer, tablet, smartphone or upload it to an outside source such as Facebook or
YouTube. Your event or sales presentation may be uploaded to the internet so it can be viewed
by your friends, customers and potential customers. Of course, you can also use your video
clips in teleconferencing and television commercials. The possibilities are endless. Kewl, huh?

Final Thoughts
Whether your video is scripted or of a more candid nature it takes an experienced
director, cameraman and video editor to produce a 'professional' presentation.  The goal of
AllStar Photographics is to give you that professional approach to video production on time
and at a fair price. Our video associates have great resumes and years of experience
to make that happen!
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