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By Denis Warren
Web Design
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"The Future Is The World Wide Web and the Future Is Now"

A professionally designed website will help promote you, your business or your organization.
Quality photography, computer graphics and a flair for design is essential to give you a
leading edge over your competition.

Our Philosophy Of Web Design Is Simple:

- Your website should upload fast using optimal browsers.  
- Statistics show that prospective customers get bored and move on to
other sites if there is a wait over 7-10 seconds for your site to load.
- The navigation should be simple and straight forward.
- It should be colorful yet easily readable and easy on the eyes.
- The site should be informative and easy to understand.
- It should be 'Tablet' and 'Smart Phone' friendly.
- Phone and email links should be easily accessible on each page.
- 'Who, what, how and where' should be priority information on your web site.
- Merchant sites should have a Shopping Cart to allow visitors to make purchases.
- The terms of purchase should be spelled out accurately.  
- The Shopping Cart should accept major credit cards and Pay Pal.
- The customer should be aware of search engine optimization (SEO),
ad words, meta tags and affiliated marketing techniques.

One advantage to using AllStar Photographics is that we can save you money by including our
photography services as part of the package price.  No reason to have to hire additional
photographers for those all important photos.  If you have existing photos we can use them
on your website and save you even more.

Your site can be designed to enable you to upload revisions and photos yourself. No need to call us
each time you need a change or update.  Of course we also offer full service contracts to include
updates and web hosting.  We will show you how to save money with web hosting services.
This is
your website and we want to be sure it tells your story the way you want it to be told.

For further information and pricing please
e-mail  us to set up a no obligation meeting or
conference call.  The sooner we get started, the sooner your website will be up and running!

Personal or Small Business Websites
- Up to four pages using your photos and text. On sale $400 - $550.  
- Extra pages and photography at extra cost.  
- Package pricing including photography available.
- Web hosting starting at just $16.95/mo.  
- Includes free multiple e-mail accounts.
- Optional shopping cart.
- Complex websites including Merchant Accounts
quoted upon request.

Business Websites Incl Photography
- Four to six pages using your logo and text.  
- Includes photography up to 4-6 photos per page.  
- Does not include larger merchant websites.
- Web hosting starts at $16.95/mo.
- Includes free multiple email accounts.
Cost: $750.00 - $1500.00.

Merchant Sites
- Sell 100's of products with Shopping Cart.
- Prices start at $1200-up.
- Includes free multiple e-mail accounts.
- Custom designed with many design options.


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For security please do not email us your credit card information.